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Brazilian Blowdry Treatment Mumbai India

Get your passive clients on your active list by introducing them to your new Brazilian blowdry treatment. This is now available with us imported straight from south America that is to say brazil to straight in India at our stores in Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Thane. Your clients were passive for a reason as even after their willingness to spend time and money with all their hopes they were not getting desired results. They have stopped expecting looking good and different but now this is not going to be the case any more, they too now are going to get heads turned and also get passes by virtue of their straight hair which was an impossible dream come true.

This Brazilian blowdry treatment coats the hair with keratin that is responsible for the straightness in the hair blowdry would only enhance the looks. This is not a permanent effect and hence it requires to be restored. But it is longer lasting for about three months hence it is worth the money and since its not ever lasting it’s a sure shot repeat business for your with a great deal of customer satisfaction. So this now becomes a new avenue of a secured line of business. Brazilian blowdry treatment is not infrastructure dependent all you have to invest is in the fluid and the rest conventional methods would bring desired results. There are no adverse side effects or changes what so ever in the structure of hair.
So get in touch with us today.